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Out with the old and in with the new DBL Eagle BentGrass Putting Green

Backyard putting green installed as a DIY (do it yourself ) project.

Richie P. has remove his old straight bladed 1 1/4" polypropylene target green
and installed a new Pre-Bent Non-Directional™ Bentgrass Putting Green System.

NOTE: He's a two handicap golfer and this is off of a blog he had up a few months back...


It started snowing on me otherwise I would still be out there, but the carpet came today. OMG this stuff is incredible. I knew it was going to be really nice, but now that it is rolled out, I am seriously blown away. It looks amazing... incredibly realistic.

Even without the base pad and any top dressing down yet, it is already 50 times better to chip onto than my old green was. The ball bites when you spin it and rolls out when you chip... again, incredibly realistic. It also putts like a dream... won't need to adjust the speed much at all, and the multidirectional nature of it means no major grain after it gets walked on (the old straight blade poly lays down one way when you walk on it).

Before I start to come across as some sort of salesmen, I want to say up front that I am just a happy customer here. This is by far and away one of the best golf related purchases I have ever made, and I feel that the product/business deserves a proper unbiased review here.

The people at www.atpg1.com were fantastic to work with. My expectations were exceeded in the product and they were both always super friendly. I was probably kind of a pain in the *** to deal with in the beginning because I had about a million different questions and I wanted my project to turn out perfect. I knew that if I ended up with some cheap crappy turf I would be bummed about the whole yard, and sometimes you just never know when it comes to internet stuff.

I mentioned earlier that I had done a lot of research and ordered samples from 6 places. I also went to the only local place here in Albuquerque that installs putting greens and has a retail floor. The atpg1 P5100 "Double Eagle" was the best looking sample out of all of them. They didn't charge anything other than shipping for the samples (4 of the companies charged shipping + turf cost). They also sent an entire assortment of samples instead of just the one I asked for, and it was nice to compare the different types. The samples each had an attached business card, with a printed sticker on the back giving a full spec list for the turf. Very nice touch there and it definitely felt more professional than the other places.

I also mentioned earlier that I parked my car on my 4 favorites overnight and then tested how much they popped back up. I did this by parking the tire half-on and half-off of the sample. The turf from TJB inc was my second favorite up until this point, but it basically got crushed and wouldn't come back up. Maybe this wasn't a very fair test since my largest friend is only one-tenth of my Mazda, but I wanted to somehow try to quickly simulate wear and tear. The P5100 Bentgrass brushed right back up and you couldn't even tell which half was which.

The F2100 "True Fringe" is the only fake grass I have seen anywhere that looks anything like an actual fringe cut. Not much else to say here as it's pretty much in a class all by itself, and I knew I would be getting this for my project as soon as I saw it.

Once the vendor was picked, it took me awhile there to finalize my measurements and get my order figured out. Dan was great to talk to throughout this part and helped me hash out a couple things I was struggling with. Everything went smooth with the ordering process and it shipped out the following Monday morning (placed the order on a Friday evening). The cuts were all perfect and exactly what I ordered, and the turf arrived with not even a nick in it's double wrap packaging.

Can't say enough good things here but the snow is dwindling and I have a lot of cuts to make out there. I'll leave ya'll with some pics from this morning (haven't shot any this evening yet). Will update again tomorrow with some more progress pics.

Out With The Old   - 1 ¼” straight bladed polypropylene green
In With The New  -  DBL Eagle BentGrass Putting Green Surface

NOTE: Put drain rock under cups or you can French drain as well. Do not get concrete under cups.

Place your ready mix around the lower ½ of the cup as a concrete footer.


I was out rolling some putts and decided to snap a few pics. My camera sucks at taking flash pics of the yard at night for some reason...
photography is definitely not one of my strong suits so it's probably just user error. I tried some with manual focus and without flash,
but ran out of battery after only a few since it was already low... 20 second exposures to get 'em bright enough seems to zap the battery
pretty hard. So in the end I only got a few usable ones and one "good" one.

Edge treatments


Some of BentGrass Putting Greens customers use coal slag or copper slag (medium) - or a mixture of clean dry sand and slag…
The black slag does darken the green up and it also works great as a top dressing as well.


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