Please follow the recommendation for cutting the fringe turf to match up with a putting green.


Installing A Bent Grass Putting Green using nails to determine where to cut.


SEAM: Commercial grade black weed barrier can be laid across the entire area giving you an ideal gluing surface. You can also put 2ft. strips anywhere that a seam is going to be.

NOTE: We recommend a minimum of 8" on each side of the seam - allowing ample amount of gluing surface.


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By laying out your design on paper you will get a rough idea of the materials you will need. This example shows that there will be a 2ft. fringe on three sides and a 3ft. fringe on the bottom side.


Use a piece of yellow or white chalk to draw out your design on the rectangle of putting green material. We suggest that you make this decision with all parties involved prior to cutting the material. (Professional installers might need their clients present during this process.)

Insert 16d penny box nails 6" to 8" apart. Push them through the material exposing the point on the backside (see poto below). Rollback the putting green surface exposing the nail holes. You can take a red sharppie(marker) and transfer the design that is on the surface to the back of the material or just cut along the nail holes using them as a guide. Remember to use  a sharp utility knife to cut out your pattern. Change out your blades frequently.

Layout your rough cut fringe pieces around the entire putting green. Adjust accordingly to allow room for trimming.

If you have small area like a corner that barely reach we recommend that you cut a larger piece (12"X12") and place it in that area. (see red square)

Using nails to hold the pieces in place on  the entire perimeter (12" on center). NOTE: You will be pulling them back out and resetting them while you sand and brush the area.

Carefully pull back the putting green surface allowing your fringe material to fall below the putting green surface (Get the entire putting green surface on top of all fringe pieces.)

Using the putting green edge as a guide and stick 16d penny box nails 6" to 8" apart through the fringe material.

Moved back the putting green surface in the area that you are working on. Flipped the fringe material over exposing the nails tips. Using nail tips as a guide cut all fringe material.

Last step is to glue all seams with a exteriors turf adhesive. (XGS or others)

NOTE: You can nail these areas down temporarily while the glue cures. After a clue has cured - remove the nails.

NOTE: Put drain rock under cups or you can French drain as well. Do not get concrete under cups.
Place your ready mix around the lower 1/2 of the cup as a concrete footer.